Monday, March 7, 2016

More on the Illegal Closing, by City Officials, of my business which was legally authorized by the Pensacola City Council

These are excerpts from Rick's Blog, dated March 3,2016, Pensacola City Attorney opines council resolution on city hall access not binding


·  Reply Mary MeadMarch 8, 2016 at 10:03 am

I’m so sorry you feel that way. I do comply with the law and I am not asking for a concession or variance as I already have been authorized and approved, according to the law, for the operation of my business.
I’m afraid we must just agree to disagree. I wish you the best in all of your endeavors.

Sincerely, Mary

·  Reply George HawthorneMarch 8, 2016 at 9:46 am

Ms Mead,

Your answers are convoluted, however, clearly you do not intend to “follow the law” that every business owner is held to in the City.

What you called “made-up interpretations” are clearly within the regulations “written in the development/building code” that is publicly published.

What you want is the City to make a concession or variance for YOU because you refuse to follow the regulations.

Accordingly, this is why NO ONE has taken your argument as “real” because clearly, you have facts wrong and are stubbornly clinging to “YOUR story” that frankly doesn’t line-up with the facts … not the facts as YOU perceive them.

I don’t think you are right nor just in your position that “you shouldn’t have to abide by the regulations.”

Unfortunately, your stubborness and blatant refusal to comply is the ONLY reason you do not have a business operation and it is NOT some alleged “illegal actions” by city officials that are enforcing the regulations that you think DON’t APPLY to you. YOU are the reason you don’t have a business …

Just because you

·  Reply Mary MeadMarch 8, 2016 at 9:15 am

I have repeatedly answered the two questions you ask:


“MARY MEADMarch 4, 2016 at 3:42 pm
My situation is very simple. My property is officially authorized to operate as an art gallery, antiques, crafts and functions. I want to use my property to operate as an art gallery, antiques, crafts and functions. City Officials illegally closed my business, without due process, on March 19, 2005, and refuse to lift the illegal closing. I want the illegal prohibition City Officials placed on operating my legally authorized business lifted. I want City Officials to stop harassing me and stay out of my business since I have not violated any laws.” Of course, I want what I am allowed by law.

I have always obeyed the law as recorded in Florida Statutes, city and county ordinances and the United States Constitution and will continue to do so. I will refuse to submit City Officials’ made up “interpretations” designed to harm me and my historic property.

·  Reply George HawthorneMarch 8, 2016 at 7:30 am

Ms. Mead

You always avoid the 2 direct questions I asked that are the “fundamental obstacles” to you opening YOUR business that you refuse to address.

Will you do the inexpensive fire/safety upgrades to the property that are required for an arts/antique business and operate that retail business?

Do you expect to open your business without following the licensing and fire/safety codes that are current NOT from 2001?

·  Reply Mary MeadMarch 7, 2016 at 6:03 pm

There seems to be some misunderstandings.

The Office Building misunderstanding was started, after City Officials illegally closed our business, by Ms. Sherry Morris when she answered Melanie Nichols inquiry by falsely stating that our property was an office building and that we had some kind of consulting business license. The facts were that our property was approved for use and actually used as an art gallery, antiques, crafts and functions and our business license was for retail and was issued by the City and the County as appropriate for the situation. After quoting Ms. Morris in my post, I was sure to state, “All of Ms. Morris’s statements are false and apparently intended to keep us illegally closed down.” This was a big red flag to show that Ms. Morris’ statements were false – just more harassment to deny us the legal use of our authorized business. Mr. Hawthorne mistakenly quoted Ms. Morris’ statement as true when it was not.

It would be wrong for me to “petition for conditional use as an antique/art store” since I already have legal authorization for art gallery, antiques, crafts and already have the appropriate occupancy classification for the situation. I can operate my business now if the illegal closure were lifted.

I agree with Mr. Hawthorne’s public position that Mayor Hayward and City Hall are dysfunctional or even, in my opinion, corrupt and willing to commit apparent sadistic illegal/criminal actions to harm individuals and the City population as a whole. I will continue to follow Mr. Hawthorne’s posts with interest.

While my blog posts may not get anywhere with these people, perhaps the continued revelation of how bad they are, and sometimes even felonious, may help get rid of them and get in a new crew who will be willing to obey the law, willing to stop preferential treatment to their friends, and willing to stop ******** the rest of us by victimizing us to get all they can from us.

I expose not only the sadistic actions injurious to me but apparent violations of local, state and federal law which harm us as a whole i.e. illegal members on Pensacola Advisory Boards who break the law in their decisions whenever they want.

I will continue to expose as much corruption as I can, and will continue to seek the lifting of the illegal prohibition on us operating our business as legally authorized.

·  Reply Mary MeadMarch 7, 2016 at 2:02 pm

Thank you for letting me know that “someone” has apparently messed up regarding the use code/description of my property. In 2012 my property was listed as multi use, code 1200 store/office/single residence which reflected the true use. Without my knowledge, the use code and description was changed to 1800 OFFICE/MULTISTORY. I called Mr. Chris Jones, the Escambia County Property Appraiser’s Office, and spoke with Anthony about the apparent change. He is changing it back to store which is appropriate as my property is not and has never been an office building. He said he can be contacted if there are any questions.

Mr. Hawthorne stated that it is my responsibility to get the use code changed. Well, it is changed. Actually the use code on line at the Appraiser’s office means nothing (according to them) and has no relevance to opening or not. It is the official authorization passed by the Pensacola City Council that matters and that authorization is for an art gallery, etc.
Ms. Sherry Morris incorrectly reported that our property was an office building. Apparently they do not keep their files in line with reality. On July 27, 2005, Ms. Morris responded to Melanie Nichols’ request for information regarding the illegal closing of my authorized business:

“Hi Melanie, according to City records, the Meads have a business license for an office use (a consulting business). This is a general employee license which would cover most office uses with the exception of medical offices and things of that nature. According to Inspections Services, hosting wedding and other special events would change the occupancy of the building . . . .”

All of Ms. Morris’s statements are false and apparently intended to keep us illegally closed down. Our property is not and has never been an office building, we have had a license for a retail shop since 1998, we classify for assemblies of less than 100 people, etc.

It is apparent that City Officials are giving Mr. Hawthorne a lot of false information as reasons we are not allowed to open: wrong use code (not my doing), neighbor complaints (didn’t happen, etc.) The facts are that we are illegally closed for persecution and punishment reasons. It appears that City Officials plan to stall and keep me illegally closed down until I die. March 19, 2016, will fall on a Saturday again and will mark eleven (11) years that we have been illegally kept closed down without due process and without any valid reason because I have consistently been in compliance with laws.

·     Reply George HawthorneMarch 7, 2016 at 2:51 pm

Ms. Mead,

For the record, I have NOT talked to the City nor am I taking their side or direction. Furthermore, given my very public position on the dysfunction at City Hall and the Mayor’s administration, I don’t think I can be confused as some “city hall parrot” trying to conspire with them against YOU.

However, I have seen your blog posts, in every forum, for 10 years and I see you are getting nowhere and spinning your wheels and I truly want to help give you good advice. I don’t want your property,

I don’t want you to hire me for ANYTHING and frankly given my relationship with the Mayor and his administration, I wouldn’t be the best person to advocate for you at the City.

I am giving you my expertise as a RE Developer and Business operator and based upon my experience with Pensacola specifically on my business that was subjected to the same conditions and I was also shut down for “events/functions.”

This is real simple, if you do the life/safety upgrades (shouldn’t cost more than $2,000) and petition for conditional use as an antique/art store (a retail use/retail license NOT office/business consultant) you could operate your business NOW.

However, if you think you can open without upgrades and proper license you are mistaken. If you think that a continued blog post assaults and inflammatory allegations AGAINST the people you need to get approval is going to help you … I respectfully must remind you that it hasn’t worked to date and to continue to take the same actions expecting a different reaction, I would say you are mistaken.

I wish you well and hope you truly get understanding, because I would like to someday come and buy some art and antiques from you.

All the Best!

Your own posts regarding a communication with the City said, “According to Inspections Services, hosting wedding and other special events would change the occupancy of the building” … that is the issue you have a consulting business license, NOT a retail license, NOT an event center license.

To change the USE from office to retail requires different building codes for different uses.